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Here's a list of resources just for my students and attendees of my seminars of people and things I that I happily recommend to anyone who needs any of the following services. Bolded names indicate LTM alumni! Keep checking back as this list expands!

NEW! Melanie's Guide To Getting Started

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Melanie's Guide To Getting Started

Due to the overwhelming volume of requests I get from aspiring voice actors, I cannot respond to most inquiries I get for VO tips, to "pick my brain", demo evaluations, meetings over coffee/lunch, etc. as much as I want to help! and my availability for coaching is extremely limited. However, I’ve put together a collection of resources, and a beginner’s guide that may help you on your way (even if you’re not a beginner).

First of all: Please do take advantage of what I can provide! Join my mailing list for updates, and please feel free to follow me on Facebook (LTM Voiceover on FB / Melanie on FB), Twitter, and my website, as well as the LTM Voiceover Classes website.

If you’re just starting out (and even if you’re not): Read through EVERYTHING on the website Everything. All of it. Renown voice actor Dee Bradley Baker created this site specifically for this purpose, and it is a great, comprehensive wealth of information for anyone interested in pursuing voiceover work. Read everything on that site all the way through. Then read it again.

Here's the stuff you probably think is more important than it actually is and will potentially save you thousands of dollars in just three paragraphs:

-EQUIPMENT/HOME STUDIO: Once you’ve read EVERYTHING on (and/or before then), you may want to get a microphone/recording setup. Don’t. Get some solid training under your belt first. I’ve watched way too many people who *think* they want to be voice actors invest way too much money in an expensive microphone without knowing how to use it—both technically and artistically. It’s like saying, “I want to be a writer—I better invest in an expensive pen, right away!”

When you're first starting out, an iPhone (or most mobile devices) is more than sufficient for audition-quality recordings and for practice purposes. (I am perfectly happy to admit that I have auditioned for--and booked--work off auditions I recorded from my iPhone when I didn't feel like walking the ten feet or so to my home recording setup.) Wait to buy a microphone until you need one—and when you need one, you’ll know. When that happens, read this: I’d second everything on there except the mic (you need to test a bunch out to see what’s best for YOUR voice) and soundproofing specifics. Soundproofing is paramount—perhaps the single most important component of all of this—and a “portabooth” or any partial substitution for thorough sound dampening/absorption is a waste of money.

If you find yourself needing access to a higher-quality studio in the meantime, LA has plenty of recording studios that offer actor rates, and often special audition recording deals--$10 for 10 minutes, $15 for 15, etc; for a booking or higher-caliber audition, though, you may find it a worthwhile investment to pay for an hour or so rental of a local recording studio. Even small towns will usually have at least one (Google/Google Maps is your friend here), and it will allow you to not only record high-quality audio without investing a significant sum of money before you're ready, but it'll allow you to begin making valuable connections with local professionals that may pay off when you are ready to do professional VO work!

-DEMOS: You might also want to have a demo made. Don’t. Read this:

Do not make a demo until you know exactly what is expected as industry standard for demos, are consistently providing that behind the mic and are prepared to provide exactly that NOT ONLY in the booth recording your demo but ALSO in auditions and meetings with agents, and when you do, have it produced by/work with someone who has both a solid background in the industry and a solid knowledge of current trends in VO. Do a ton of research until you find someone in whom you feel comfortable investing a few thousand dollars of your hard-earned money, because between training and a GOOD demo, you will be spending at least that much with them. (You can find cheaper demos, and I assure you, you will get your money’s worth.) This is also why you want to wait on making a demo—when done right, it is a significant investment of time, money and effort, and you want to be sure you are at the very best of your abilities for it. In short: if you're reading this to figure out if you're ready for a demo or not, you're most likely not, and that's okay. Wait until you ARE to invest in it. You'll be SO glad you did.


-TRAINING: In the meantime, figure out the areas of VO work on which you’d like to focus, and then find someone who can train you in those areas. I generally recommend starting with a good class rather than private lessons, while you’re just starting to identify what you need to work on. Take some classes, but don’t fall into a “passive learning trap”—recognize that having someone teach you something is only a fraction of how you will actually learn it. You need to immerse yourself in the world of which you want to be a part. Do that by:

-PRACTICING: Practice delivering copy out loud, record it (your iPhone/mobile device/tablet is more than sufficient for this purpose—and most audition purposes—until you have your own setup), listen to it *critically*, and make adjustments. Supplement this with solid group/private VO training with an instructor you trust so you don’t unknowingly develop bad habits. LTM does offer group and private coaching of course, but really, it's important that you find a coach you like and trust, whether with LTM or otherwise.

-NETWORKING: Attend events in your area. Wherever you are, I guarantee you that you can find events in your area that can help you build your career, whether directly related to the entertainment industry or not. Find them, attend them, and build your own network that will serve as the foundation of your career.

Once you have read all of this and done your own research, if you're serious about pursuing this further and would like to train with us, read on:

-Please visit my website,, and read it carefully, in particular my specific training offerings and my rules and policies. Many of your questions can be answered there.

-Private instruction: I’m thankful to be recognized as an in-demand instructor, but due to my need to focus primarily on my own career, my availability for private coaching is limited, and when I teach it's mostly in group class sessions. However, I will take on new students when I can, so check out my private VO coaching options to see what I'm currently able to offer, and feel free to get in touch to set something up.

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A word of caution regarding books on voiceover: while they can be a great supplement to on-mic practice, they are NOT an adequate substitute! Voice acting (and acting in general) is a very active skill that requires regular, guided practice to properly develop, and nothing beats a good class and regular practice for proper voiceover training. Got it? Okay. That being said: The books from which I've benefitted most have been supplementary to my work, as opposed to books ABOUT voice acting. Here are some of my favorites:

I have also enjoyed and derived inspiration, to varying degrees, from The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM), and The Playlist for Life: If You Wake Up to the Right Song, How Can You Not Succeed? (where I first learned about The Miracle Morning).


Boomerang: Boomerang is an extension for Chrome that allows you to schedule emails for Gmail to send at a later date and/or time. This has been sooooooooooo good to use when I remember to get in touch with people outside of business hours (and/or when inspiration strikes at, like, three in the morning).


B&H Photo will often have prices on pro audio equipment that beat those of just about any other store or site out there, including Amazon, Guitar Center and Newegg. You can get stuff from, but if you can, try to get to their brick and mortar store in Manhattan, just a block from Penn Station, and be sure to check out their mic room, where you can try out over 50 different microphones! It certainly is something to behold.

Getting Started

I love the website! It is a very comprehensive collection of information for those getting started, including all of the basic questions that everybody starting out has. :)


Eric Tronolone, (My headshot photographer, as seen on my website!) has agreed to offer LTM folks a 10% discount on their services when you mention my name!
Email: eric(at)erictronolonephotography(dot)com

See/hear Melanie in stuff

Here's where you can find some of the films, series, games, etc. Melanie has worked on!

(Under construction/more coming soon!)


I use to advertise my classes and events, but I also love using it to find interesting events happening in the area. I have discovered film festivals, video game industry events, and special group networking events through Eventbrite that I never would have known about otherwise, and met people with whom I have made valuable professional connections! is also a good resource for finding groups that meet regularly in your area that focus on a specific purpose or interest. There's a lot of potential for meeting people with whom you can develop valuable professional relationships here, too!

I regularly offer classes, workshops and other events with casting directors and agents who work with voiceover talent! Keep an eye out on my "Classes" page to see what I have planned next!

Online marketplaces for VO work

I have never advocated "pay to play" sites (, etc.) as I encourage developing genuine relationships (rather than haphazardly, constantly searching the internet for gigs) as the foundation of a long-lasting career; that being said, it can be worth having a (free) profile on Voice123, if only as a space on the internet for your voice to call its own before you have your own website. Update: While I have never been a fan of "VDC", in light of recent information that has come to public knowledge about their shady (to put it mildly) business practices, I can no longer endorse even having a free profile on the site and am in the process of closing my own free account. Feel free to do some searching online if you're curious as to what's led me to make this decision.

ACX is Amazon's audiobook exchange platform, through which authors can cast narrators for their audiobooks. It is also FREE to have an account on the site and use; Audible doesn't take anything until and unless you book through the platform. This is a fantastic resource for those interested in audiobooks and narration!

Craigslist also has voiceover jobs pop up on occasion, in the "tv/film/video", "talent" and "creative" sections. Use your judgement, though--if a listing gives you a bad vibe, stay away!!

Actors Access is more for on-camera work, and Backstage more theater/low-budget/student productions, but voiceover casting calls pop up on there every once in a while as well.

Printing services

Got Print, -- I've been using GotPrint for all of my printed promotional materials since I found out about them a few years ago and never looked back. I looooooooove GotPrint. As of the day on which this was written, you can get 1000 postcards--completely customizable, with color on BOTH sides--for about $70 including shipping. Business cards? 1000 for under $20. And you can pickup in Burbank if you're LA-based to save on shipping. :3 Regardless of the industry you're in, it is my firm belief that everybody should know about and use GotPrint.

Note: Updating this at least a few years after this was initially written and the prices are still the same; they've barely risen over the last few years. Go GotPrint!

Promotional materials

PensXpress, -- If you've ever met me in person, you more than likely also have one of my extremely high-quality promotional pens that have my contact info and logo on them. Those pens are the work of, whom I chose after painstakingly researching many promotional pen companies. Their customer service reps are extremely communicative and I have been happy with all of my orders from them! You can use discount code "SHIP4FREE" for free shipping for orders of $125+, OR code "mc1028" for 5% off. Please mention my name at checkout!

Voiceover instruction and audio production

Me! +, (NY/online) -- I teach group voiceover classes and private voiceover lessons in LA, and online all over the world! I use my unique background and voiceover experience to get you working as soon as you're ready. Availability pending, I'm also available for general acting, monologue and audition coaching. I love teaching people what I know! Please visit my classes page for more info!



LA AND NYC: SAG-AFTRA FOUNDATION DON LAFONTAINE VOICEOVER LAB (LA) and EIF VOICEOVER LAB (NYC) -- In all-caps because it's THAT awesome. Open, available, and COMPLETELY FREE to all SAG-AFTRA and AEA members, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation offers classes, workshops, and other training and resources. But BY FAR THE COOLEST PART is the Voiceover Lab, which offers FREE use of its two professional-grade voiceover studios in half-hour/one-hour sessions, 10-minute audition slots, AND classes with working professionals in various areas of the voiceover industry, after an initial orientation. Visit for more info. If you talk to Aric (National Director of VO programs/DLF VO Lab Director), tell him Melanie sent you. ;)

LA: Soundworks, -- Soundworks is a lovely, beautifully-equipped studio in Burbank that handles both recording and post-production, on everything from independent films to Dreamworks' TV shows. This is where I hold my Voiceover Sampler Class in LA! I checked out a number of studios in the area, but knew as soon as I saw the gorgeous facility and spoke with Jeff, Soundworks' kind owner, that Soundworks would be where LTM could call home for a few hours every week :3 Tell Jeff that Melanie sent you and he'll take good care of ya. :)

NYC: CityVox, -- CityVox is a state-of-the-art recording studio in the heart of midtown Manhattan, located in the historic Film Center Building (630 9th Avenue). In addition to two beautifully-equipped recording studios in its main facility, CityVox also has a small auxilary studio equipped with a Whisper Room built for one and computer running ProTools 10--perfect for recording audiobooks, auditions, and holding voiceover lessons and small VO casting sessions. This studio is also equipped with an ISDN setup to allow you to work in realtime with clients who may request ISDN capabilities! Mention my name to get a REALLY great rate on all CityVox studio rentals. :)


If you don't have your own quality home recording setup, there are a number of studios in LA that offer audition recording services, which typically include 10-15 minutes of recording and light editing for about $1/minute ($10 for ten minutes, $15 for fifteen minutes, etc). Here's a list of some studios that offer such services, and their rates:

Voicecaster, Burbank: $10/10min
VoiceTrax West, Studio City: $15/30min (15 minutes booth recording, 15 minutes editing/submission)
Garden Of Sound, West Hollywood: $15/15min
LA Voiceover, Culver City: Call for pricing
More listed here!

NYC, you're not totally out of luck! Talk to the good folks at CityVox and rent their Whisper Room studio for *super* reasonable self-recording rates by the hour--enough time for even beginners to record and edit an audition or two.

Volunteer opportunities

Jewish Braille Institute (JBI), -- The Jewish Braille Institute office in NYC has an in-house recording studio in which volunteers record, direct, and edit audiobooks. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for you to improve your skills both in front of AND behind the mic--both extremely important for working voiceover talent to master! I volunteered at JBI for several years while living in New York and my experience there was incredibly enjoyable, as well as beneficial to my professional development. Give JBI a call and ask for the recording studio. Be sure to mention my name in regards to how you found out about them!

While I have not worked with LARRS (The Los Angeles Radio Reading Service -, I have had students who have and they have spoken highly of it. Their studio is in the San Fernando Valley (in Canoga Park) and they are ALWAYS in need of volunteers for their broadcasts--get some on-mic practice AND put your skills to use for a good cause at the same time!

Web hosting

Lithium Hosting, -- Lithium Hosting is what I use for both my domain registration AND my web hosting. I've tried a few different options for both and keep coming back to Lithium; I'm quite happy with their service and rates.

Website design

These folks are all available to create websites for actors--and some are actors themselves!

Malika Butler, (NY/online)

Valerie Galluzzo, (MA/online) -- She implemented the responsive design--that is, adjusting to different-sized devices and mobile browsers--on my website, completely changed the design, and made it 1000x better than it was!

Yossi Hoffman, (NY/online--This guy is a renaissance man. I think he can do anything.)


The Otamatone: My quality of life increased dramatically when I first discovered this incredibly silly, delightful instrument. Please do feel free to peruse my ridiculous YouTube playlist with ridiculous videos of me playing it ridiculously. I do busk, take requests, perform live, and *love* to collaborate, so please absolutely feel free to get in touch with me about any of the above.

Melanie's Playlist Of Awesome!: This is one of my (now not-so-)secret weapons for personal and professional fulfillment--awesome, happy, positive music to start my day, join me for a jog in the morning, and pick me up when I might need or want it! I highly recommend that you make your own--though you're absolutely welcome to take ideas and inspiration from mine! :)

*This page contains affiliate links, and I may receive a portion of sales of products purchased via said links. For example, I [Melanie Ehrlich] am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to HOWEVER, I don't include anything on this page which I do not personally find valuable, useful, or helpful to me and/or my students and others. Ever!! :)

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