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"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Melanie. I went into her class with great interest in voiceover, but very little knowledge of the actual art and business of it. After 8 weeks with Melanie, however, I left feeling like I had an inside handle on the world of VO in a way that would have otherwise taken me years to acquire. Recently, I booked a total dream VO job, and everyday in the recording studio I thought about how I never could have done it without Melanie's guidance. Every step of the journey for that job (from initially submitting for the audition, straight through the wrap of the project) was achievable for me as a direct result of what I learned in Melanie's class.

First off, without the professional samples I recorded during her class, I would never have been able to get the audition for this job in the first place. And even if by some miracle I did trick someone into giving me the audition sans samples, without having practiced recording and editing my own auditions throughout the course of Melanie's class, I wouldn't have known how to submit a professional audition sample from the sides they gave me. Finally, without the mic technique, studio etiquette, and VO acting technique I learned from Melanie, I would not have been nearly as comfortable in the recording studio, and would certainly have been approaching the work from a trial-and-error standpoint. (Not so great when time = money and a whole production team is depending on you.) But because of everything I got from class, the production team and my fellow actors on this job assumed I had been working in voiceover for a long time, and honestly, it felt like I had.

Melanie's class allowed me, in such a short period of time, to feel as though the recording studio was my home, and I am just so grateful to her for that. (Oh, and bonus: did I mention that she's super sweet and supportive and has a bunny named Pia? What a gem.)"

- Nicole Pacent
***After taking my Voiceover Sampler Class, Nicole BOOKED the LEAD in an episodic podcast!

"Well, look at that... my first commercial voiceover for the year--check! Thank you to Sam Haft, Melanie Ehrlich, & Andy Roth for their exceptional commercial training."
- Daren Donofrio
***After taking my Commercial Foundations Class, Daren BOOKED a commercial voiceover spot for Velveeta!

"I'm definitely using a lot I've learned from your thank you a TON. Seriously."
- Matt Shipman
***After attending my animation VO class with Darren Dunstan, casting and voice director at 4K Media, and honing his skills in my Voiceover Sampler Class, Matt BOOKED a recurring role on the animated series Yu-Gi-Oh!!

"I'm compelled to write a quick note because come Thursday, I step into a recording booth to voice a character for a web radio commercial for the first professional (paid) VO job I've ever booked...with all the variables leading to this point, I have to say, if it weren't for you and your VO for video gaming class, I would not be walking into that studio on Thursday."
- Rick Bean
***After taking my Character Industry Intensive, Rick BOOKED his first paid voiceover gig!!

"I first met Melanie at PAX East and learned of her classes. I decided that the 8-week Voiceover Sampler Class would be the best pick for me. First off, she named the course wrong. This should be called "Melanie's 8-week CATAPULT YOU INTO A VOICEOVER CAREER SO QUICKLY YOUR HEAD MIGHT EXPLODE class."

Seriously. In 8 weeks, I went from not knowing what a "pick-up" was, to booking jobs in the voiceover industry. If you want to explore a career in voiceover or expand upon your VO career, YOU NEED TO STUDY WITH MELANIE!

Mel, you've helped changed my future. Thank you."
- Joe Monzo
***After taking my Voiceover Sampler Class, Joe BOOKED his first audiobook--and his first paid voiceover gig!!

"Thank you for the last 8 weeks! The class was a great combination of education, meet & greets, and business. I was feeling stuck and this class really gave me direction on where to go next. Thank you!"
- Crystal Lonnquist
***After taking my Voiceover Sampler Class, Crystal BOOKED narration VO work with our educational narration guest AND a LEAD role in the newest game from our video game guest!!

"I'm used to talking a lot. But I'm at a rare loss for words - Just, thank you so very much for our class these past few months...

Your class made me realize that contributing my vocal talents to quality projects is not just possible, but valid, important, and "about to happen." My skills are, and will always be, a work in progress - and I love that! Your class really fostered a discipline in me that today is as good a day as any to go for it. For a few years, VO had been a kinda vague "would be nice, but ya know, [excuses]" dream of mine, and now it's a goal with a timeline. I frickin' owe you, pal.

Honestly, your class was such a great blend of practical tips, mixed with encouragement of a healthy but ambitious outlook on how to get this wonderful work done. I would recommend your class to anyone."

- J.B. Burgess
***Shortly after finishing my Voiceover Sampler Class, JB booked his first ever video game voiceover role!!

"If you walk into Melanie's class having never stood in front of a mic, she'll make you good; if you walk into her class already good, she'll make you better; and most of all: well rounded. You'll get experience on the mic, a healthy dose of info on just how important the business side is, and the opportunity to hobnob and rub elbows with people in the industry. I've been taking classes with her for less than a year and I can honestly say that I wouldn't have booked the jobs I've booked without her. Her classes are an incredibly supportive environment, her insight is top notch, and she genuinely wants you to succeed."
- Sam Kurnit
***After taking my Voiceover Sampler Class and some private lessons, Sam BOOKED a voiceover role in the newest game produced by our video game guest and was called in for auditions by TWO of our other guests!!
***Truly, the student has become the teacher: Sam is now one of the leading authorities on voiceover and improv at the Vermont Comedy Club, where he performs weekly with their house team Napoleon, and has a D&D podcast called Improvised Weapons!

"Thanks for class today, it was awesome! A special shout out to [last week's guest author and speaker], too, for his contribution and insight!"
- Derek Lettman
***After attending my weekly Voiceover Sampler Class and continuing with private lessons to work on an audiobook demo/samples, Derek BOOKED his first audiobook series!
***Update: Derek just BOOKED his second audiobook after receiving an offer on ACX! Click here to check out High School Heroes: Secrets of the Past!

"Melanie, I think you are probably the best voiceover coach I have had to date. Your technical insight and criticism is so dead on. You make it easy to perform in the booth."
- Bruce Hawkins, actor and dancer (with 30+ years in the industry, on TV, in film, in voiceover and on Broadway!)

"Can't say enough how great these classes have been."
- Corinne Sudberg, voice actress (and member of Team Four Star, the group behind the Dragonball Z Abridged series, among others. Check out Corinne's website for her upcoming convention appearances!)

"Your voiceover class is life-changing!"
- Hana R.

"Your Business and Marketing for Voice Actors was a HUGE help!"
- Devon Talbott
***After attending my Business and Marketing for Voice Actors class (now taught as part of my Voiceover Sampler Class), Devon BOOKED an animated short (and successfully negotiated the terms to his satisfaction)!

"I wanted to say thank you, as I had an good audition for Yu-Gi-Oh! with Darren. It would not have been possible without your class."
- Devon Talbott
***After attending my animation VO class with Darren Dunstan, casting and voice director at 4K Media, Devon was later called in to audition for Yu-Gi-Oh!
***Devon just BOOKED his first anime role, as Plum in the series Holy Knight! You can hear a bit of his work in this compilation of LTM grads in the series here!

"Thank you for the great workshop...I enjoyed your format and organization, and I took away a fabulous overview and array of information. You were extremely generous, and I appreciate it. In short, it was awesome. Many, many thanks."
- Martha Karl

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